TOP-News 22.01.2021

RAISCH goes Australia

The RAISCH GROUP cannot be stopped by the Corona crisis and continues to expand. With the establishment of a subsidiary in the western Australian metropolis of Perth, the red continent is opened up.

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Current occupancy

Red: Site closed

Yellow: Partly occupied. The number indicates the number of vehicles

Green: Free site


COVID-19 Activities

On our 50,000 m2 site we have enough space to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters to other people at all times.
This applies to the parking lot, in the reception area, in the seminar room, on the way to the toilets and when training in the area.
In addition to our approximately 400 m2 reception area, we have a seminar room for 150 people, which we occupy with a maximum of 24 people. In this way we can guarantee a minimum distance of 2 meters for theory lessons.