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One of the most important things for a motor sportsman is physical fitness. One of the biggest problems, the time.


With our pace-up training you will improve your physical fitness quickly, effectively and sustainably, with minimal expenditure of time.

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Highly dynamic training

For developers of tires and chassis

In cooperation with EAM Engineering, the RAISCH GROUP trains future test drivers in the specialist areas of tires and chassis. The EAM Kart, specially developed for this purpose, is used here.
It cannot be compared to a racing kart, as it is a one-off piece specially designed for training with the most complex technology.
It is also equipped with a very quiet 4-stroke engine, not the usual 2-stroke.

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Targeted adjustment of the independent suspension changes the driving behavior

Driving simulator

In our VRC - Virtual Reality und training-Center

In the course of globalization, more and more employees from abroad have to drive test vehicles in Germany.
Since there are often very different traffic rules and traffic conditions in the individual countries, it is often not easy for these employees to drive a vehicle according to the rules of the StVO without instruction.
In addition, many employees find it difficult to handle a vehicle with a manual transmission.

A driving simulator with suitable training programs was developed in order to familiarize these colleagues with German traffic regulations and special features.
The driving school simulator enables energy-saving, environmentally friendly, weather-independent, efficient and stress-free driver training - and this without any risk to man or machine.
The software automatically guides the employee through the various training content. The facts are explained before each lesson and the employee can then make his own experiences on the simulator. A fault detection system analyzes the journey and gives the employee an evaluation after each lesson.
In this way he can learn from his mistakes and improve his skills through repetition.

The training lasts approx. 2-3 hours and can be carried out either in German or in English.
The simulation software is the latest generation from the market leader.
The simulator consists of original vehicle components (with gear shift) in connection with three 48 inch monitors and VR glasses of the latest generation from Oculus.

In our VRC we train future drivers in the simulator and prospective test drivers as part of the test training

Übersicht // Buchen

TTheory lesson before the start with the vehicles for test training

Training in the driving simulator with the latest software and VR glasses of the latest generation from Oculus


In our VRC, FTZ Burgkirchen or other places

Test drive training VRC + FTZ

Real testing feeling in the vehicle group

The practice part for the FB-E und T1.
With a group of vehicles through the Black Forest.

  • Implementation of specially trained trainers with testing experience
  • Theoretical part at the beginning of the training and final meeting
  • Practical (85% of the training duration) part on an approx. 200 km long route
  • Regular vehicle changes at defined change locations
  • Position of different vehicles
  • Equipping vehicles with radio equipment
  • Catering for the participants with snacks and drinks
  • Conference room and parking for participant vehicles
  • Issuing certificates
  • Personal folder with training materials to look up and take with you

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Testmanager VRC + FTZ

The leader and person responsible in the vehicle group

Learn the necessary knowledge, in theory and in practice, to lead a group of vehicles and take responsibility.

  • Implementation of specially trained trainers with many years of experience as test managers
  • Theoretical part at the beginning of the training and final meeting
  • Practical (85% of the training duration) part on an approx. 200 km long route over and through the Black Forest with a group of 12 participants
  • Persönliche Mappe mit Schulungsunterlagen zum Nachschlagen und mitnehmen

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Basics of driving physics VRC + FTZ

Verstehen was passiert

Before you take the proving ground driving license or driving safety training, you should understand the physics of driving.
Why does the car do what it does, and what can I do to counteract it?
You will learn this and other topics in the approx. 3 hour training. They are optimally prepared for the real training and pass it with knowledge.

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Preparation PG-Schein FTZ

The preparation training for the proving ground

For drivers with little experience, it is advisable to do a preparatory training before the demanding proving ground driving license.
The training includes all elements from the PG certificate, but without evaluation.
Our trainers specifically address your weaknesses and train them with you. At the end of the training you will receive an oral assessment from the trainer. so you can decide for yourself whether and when you want to take the PG certificate.

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Driving safety training ADAC

The vehicle safely under control

For the "small" prototype driver's license, in addition to the test training, a 1-day driver safety training according to DVR standard is sufficient.
Our partner, the ADAC, offers this in our test and event center and at many other locations.

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proving ground license other places

Internationally recognized - a MUST for all proving grounds

The proving ground driving license according to OEM standard is a MUST on proving grounds and test tracks worldwide. The German OEMs have agreed on this standard and defined the training content.
The proving ground driving license is at OEM's like Daimler, BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, Bosch, Opel, Magna, and many more. recognized.

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Special dates possible for all trainings!

If you need special dates for a whole group (at least 8 participants), we can organize that for you. Price on request.

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Motorcycle training for test drivers and developers

Highly dynamic and safe - test motorcycles and develop them better

Drifting on a special surface

Rider training is essential to develop good bikes

Special training from "Biker God" Klaus Schwabe

Learn to control a motorcycle at an unprecedented level.
Learn everything about driving dynamics, tires and assistance systems.

In different training levels, you get better and better and thus increase the quality of your work on the motorcycle.

Find out now.
Klaus Schwabe

Our training partner

Documentation and administration

Only what is properly documented will last in the worst case

With our platform your drivers are created in a few steps and the qualifications are documented.
Every driver receives the fxCard 2-3 days after he was created.
This serves on the one hand as proof and as online Login for the drivers and, secondly, for documentation of training courses at all fx stations (test training, driving safety at ADAC or first aid at DRK)
As the "administrator" you have online access to the qualifications and fxCard's of your drivers at any time.
So you can, should it be necessary, block and unblock the fxCard of a specific driver with a click.
In addition, you always have an overview of which driver still needs which training / training in order to obtain a qualification.

A driver is created and his qualifications documented in just 4 steps


Create driver with passport photo for the fxCard


Select desired qualification


Book or add necessary training courses


Upload certificates / training certificates


Only what can be proven is also available

The challenge of the driver

How do you prove your currently valid driver qualification / driving authorization on a proving ground like that of ATP Papenburg? How do you make sure to the proving ground operator that you have the appropriate driver qualification / driving authorization or that this is still valid?

The challenge the PG operator and fleet manager

How do you check whether the driver has the required driving authorization? And if he has it, how do you check that it is still valid?

The solution for all

With the fxCard for electronic proof of driving authorizations, we have developed a unique system that offers OEMs and their suppliers the opportunity to prove their driving authorizations to third parties. For proving ground operators, it offers the greatest possible security that the required driving authorization is fully valid at the time of verification. Documentation when which driver has proven his driving authorization gives you additional security.


The core

The established standards between the automobile manufacturers form the heart of the fxCard database. In connection with interfaces of all kinds to connect your company's internal database, the fxDatenbank ensures that the data is up to date.
Encrypted connections and encrypted data storage according to the latest standards ensure the security of your data. In addition, our employees are strictly obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Proof of driver qualifications

Quick and easy

With just one presentation of the card at an fxStation on a proving ground or at any other fxStation, your driver qualification is verified and the process is documented.

Documentation of trainings

Quick and easy

With just one placing of the card on an fxStation at training providers with an fxStation, the participation in the respective training is documented and displayed in your company account.


Personalized! This is what it looks like

fxCard vorne -

Additive trainer functions

All trainer in view

Are you a training provider and have trainers with various qualifications? You can also easily manage these. With the trainer card it is possible that a trainer can document the training courses assigned to him at every fxStation worldwide.
Your first aid trainer conducts a course at customers' premises who have an fxStation but do not have the necessary rights to document this course. The documentation is activated once when the trainer's card is presented.

Target group of the fxCard

This is what its developed for

  • Carmanufacturer
  • Supplier to the carmanufacturer
  • Proving grounds
  • Fleetmanager
  • Driver
  • Training providers
  • Trainers/Instructors

fxStations at proving grounds an more ...

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COVID-19 Activities

On our 50,000 m2 site we have enough space to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters to other people at all times.
This applies to the parking lot, in the reception area, in the seminar room, on the way to the toilets and when training in the area.
In addition to our approximately 400 m2 reception area, we have a seminar room for 150 people, which we occupy with a maximum of 24 people. In this way we can guarantee a minimum distance of 2 meters for theory lessons.